I May Frustrate You, But
(Parenting with Love and Confidence)

Parenting with understanding and skill
is a proven road to success.

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The parenting manual you have been waiting for!

Why can’t they be like me?” asks the puzzled parent; and the child thinks, “Why can’t my parents understand me?”  Love that is aided by understanding will transform your parenting and dramatically increase its joy.  Understanding is underrated!

Parenting is the most complex task we humans engage in.  It can challenge, thrill, encourage, frustrate, and confuse you -- all in less than a day!  However, it can be made enjoyable and much simpler if only we will learn how our children feel on the inside when they act, or choose not to act.  Understanding the different temperaments will help you meet your child's urgent and deep emotional needs.


This book will:

  • Help you take a giant step in understanding your child.
  • Help you avoid conflicts with your child and give you understanding of the interaction between your temperament and your child's temperament.
  • Lower the sstress and create the bonding a family dreams about.
  • Increase your child's self-esteem and return your confidence in parenting.
  • And much more...
Want immediate help and solutions?  This book has a FAST TRACK!


The author, who has studied extensively in the field of temperament and is an expert on human nature, gives you the benefit of his many years of counseling and coaching parents and children.  In these pages you will find the principles of the best scientific research on temperament broken down into helpful analysis and practical tools. Every family should possess a copy and will be sure to use it over and over again.

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